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Mental Status Examination Rapid Record Form Number 2000 Jeff Patrick. Those studying, researching or practicing psychology or psychiatry, and those organizations that support them may freely duplicate,
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Hey guys it's been a little while so I wanted to take some time to take a look at a couple of golf swings from when I was down in Florida now it's been a while since I've done this and I'm working on a couple of things and I wanted to talk about it and I wanted to note that I'll be swinging a 5-iron from my dad's golf bag so I think it's regular flex or maybe even an a flex so it's interesting what having a really whippy shaft will do is you you don't want to spring it too early you have to actually be pretty patient it's kind of an interesting exercise so as we watch this golf swing I recorded this in slow-motion my camera angles I want my camera about hip height down the target line and the same from the front so this club is coming back to the inside one-piece takeaway pretty similar to the line that mr. Hogan would have taken and one thing I'm trying not to do is have my hips move towards the ball at all on the backswing you guys may remember in my recent videos where I was talking about sitting really deep into my heels again that's just an attempt for me to try and create a little bit more space on the downswing and I'm also standing a little bit closer to the ball which is something that was recommended to me by Matt Ben crash ooh doh and when you start to get too far away from the ball it can cause a lot of problems so here I'm essentially at the top of my backswing and we're gonna see that my hips will start to stabilize and get ready to go back the other way now I'm ready to make my transition see this is the shangri-la position the position that I one of the first ones that I noted about the golfers that I really liked that they have this kind of insight approach with a club riding along the right forearm here in this pre-release position and I refer to this as the wheelhouse basically everything's gonna wheel around to the left and everything is going to release through the ball I still have that bend in my knees and the lag in my wrists but all that will change in a split second as we see me come into impact here so here you can see my hips have rotated nicely this is something I had a lot of trouble with it took me years to find this position I still have some bend in my right arm that I'm gonna punch down through that ball with and now one of the things that I'm doing is working on swinging level left there's still a lot of angle in those shoulders but you can see that Club is exiting nicely through the left shoulder I used to have it exiting between my shoulder in my left ear it's a pretty nice little ball flight there let's see if we can take a look at this again just let it play out a little bit yeah so before I move ahead here that's a fairly decent what I really wanted my golf swing right now is a really smooth acceleration through the ball without any little sort of hitches so we'll take a look at my swing from the front here right there yeah I I still see a little bit of a hitch right in right in this area just post-impact...